Plastic Pollution

This editorial is created to reflect and make people aware of a current problem such as pollution, waste in the seas and oceans and the excessive use of plastics in everything around us. It is present in each of the elements we use every day, from supermarkets to industries.

The problem is not the plastic itself, but where it ends up once it is used. Our oceans and seas are fundamental, they fulfill elementary functions and are home to many defenseless species that are trapped in them, endangering their lives.

It is necessary to start reducing its use and replace it with more recyclable or biodegradable products, thus contributing to the preservation of animal species and marine ecosystems.

The purpose of this work is to generate awareness and empathy with the environment, other species and the damage we do to our planet. I developed it from the perspective that I know how to do, fashion and art photography. As a creative person, I wanted to show my vision and position on this issue, positioning the model as the protagonist and main affected.

Runway Magazine (Dubai)

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